Tree Pruning and Preservation


With years of commitment to understanding trees and how they respond to their environment, WhippleTree can provide the results that are right for you AND your trees.

Whether large shade trees or smaller ornamental specimens, your plants can attain unmatched aesthetic quality, health, and the structure to become legacies.

We would also love to help preserve your trees before construction! We cruise your timber before your lot is cut and make appropriations to save what matters to you!

Tree Removal and Stump Grinding


WhippleTree is THE choice for removing trees in many challenging situations.  Safety is paramount, and we are specially equipped to manage trees out of reach by typical bucket trucks and cranes, or are simply too unstable to climb.

Ask us about our Spider Lift! This Compact Tracked Lift is self propelled, and can drive through a 36 inch wide opening, but has a vertical reach of 90 FEET!

We also specialize in Tree Climbing, Rope Access and Rope Rigging for those that wish for the lightest footprint possible.

On-Site Sawmilling and Splitting


All of our equipment is specialized to access hard to reach locations, including our Portable Sawmill.

Whether you are losing a tree with sentimental attachment, or just interested in salvaging all you can from your property, we can help you hold on to what is valuable.

Your trees can continue to live with you after milling trunk wood into live edge slabs, dimensional lumber, or firewood.

We can cut your wood, or you can choose from material we have saved over the years. Everything we have on hand is local and air dried for great stability.