WhippleTree, LLC

Westport, MA
Call  508-55-TREES

- planting and pruning
- cabling and bracing
- fertilization
- removal

WhippleTree, LLC promotes sustainability in every aspect of its' operation.  We work with our clientele to determine specific objectives that will return long-term value, whether aesthetic, functional, or as a new revenue source.  If the concern is one particular specimen, or 100 acres, our comprehensive services cover the spectrum of tree concerns.  We are dedicated to developing relationships that will enhance the vitality of our local community and environment.  Please explore our website to learn more about us, our mission, methods - and trees!  We also profile current projects, and invite questions and concerns.  Enjoy.

Trees provide extensive benefits including shade, windbreaks, and reduced energy costs. They can prevent erosion and run-off, provide privacy, or even food and natural habitat, preserving the integrity of the landscape.  Properly maintained trees also bolster property value.
Edible landscapes of varied species provide food for consumption or sale.  Maple and other tree species can be tapped for syrup. Some trees in senescence can be salvageded for craftsmen, and carpenters - a wide variety of new purposes!
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